Dr. Lori Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton is a passionate and committed healthcare practitioner providing a comprehensive and individualized approach to her patients’ well-being. Backed with over 27 years of training and experience, she is uniquely equipped at putting the pieces of the clinical puzzle together. By identifying the root cause of pain and dysfunction, followed by individualized effective treatment methods, patients are given the platform necessary to achieve long term positive outcomes.


Functional Medicine




Regenerative medicine


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The Functional Medicine Approach

A patients’ health care needs are as uniquely individual as they are. Explore the comprehensive tailored analysis and treatment programs a functional medicine practitioner provides.

“To fight a disease after it has occurred is like trying to dig a well when one is thirsty or forging a weapon once a war has begun.”

~ The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine
(17th Century)

What is Functional Medicine?

“To fight a disease after it has occurred is like trying to dig a well when one is thirsty or forging a weapon once a war has begun.”

~ The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (17th Century)

Functional Medicine is an evolution in the way doctors address the healthcare needs of the 21st century. Underlying imbalances are recognized by looking ‘upstream’ at the complex web of interactions between our individual nervous, hormonal and immune systems, our genetics, the surrounding environment and personal lifestyle factors.
All of which influence both health and chronic disease.

Functional medicine is a game changer.

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Success Stories

Dr. Lori Hamilton has been our functional medicine doctor for two years. My son was struggling in every area of his world. He was 11 years old and we felt like we had to get to the bottom of his issues. The ADD med’s, the eating nothing and then large amounts, the mood swings, the inability to concentrate, obesity, processing disorder were making us all upset. Our lives felt scattered and honestly didn’t know what to do with his situation. A friend highly recommended Dr. Lori Hamilton. So we started his journey with her. We cannot say enough good things about her process. It is thorough and very focused on your individual health needs. After lots of background, a few tests, we were on our way to a new regiment with easy supplements with no side effects. We found out that half of the battle was food allergies that were interfering with his body’s process of thinking, growing and feeling well. After eliminating many poisons from his body, he started to change in all aspects of life. He was happier, talked more and beamed with confidence. He lost 25 pounds in the first few months. He no longer took prescriptions for ADD, and describe feeling “FREE”. This not only changed his world, but also changed our family dynamics. Since then, I have used Dr. Lori for my health concerns, and referred her to many others who have been battling one or another condition that nobody could put their fingers on. She gets to the bottom of it and that’s priceless.

Tiffany| CA

Dr. Lori has changed my life and that of our entire family. Diagnosed over 30 years ago with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I have annually seen a doctor for checkups and blood work. No medical doctor or specialist ever suggested anything beyond increasing my prescription medications. Frustrated with multiple annoying symptoms, I sought out Dr. Lori for her expertise in Functional Medicine. She ordered many tests to analyze my body function. I am incredibly impressed with her in-depth research of my autoimmune disease and understanding of the human body. Because of her determination, I have successfully reduced prescription medication amounts and have eliminated virtually all of my symptoms. I feel better now than I have in decades. She is a beloved miracle worker in our household.

Barbara| CA