What is Functional Medicine?

It’s a game changer!

Functional Medicine is an evolution in the way doctors address the healthcare needs of the times we live in. Underlying core physiological imbalances are recognized by looking ‘upstream’ at the complex web of interactions between our individual nervous, hormonal and immune systems, our genetics, the surrounding environment and personal lifestyle factors. All of which influence both health and chronic disease.

Fatigue, weight gain, anxiousness, sleeplessness and depression are common patient symptoms. Too common. In fact, underlying conditions as different as autoimmune disease, food sensitivities and menopause can manifest as nearly identical symptoms. Focusing on the symptoms can snowball into ineffective, time-consuming and expensive patient care. A functional medicine practitioner dives beneath generic surface symptoms to underlying causes providing personalized care to meet the needs of individual patients.

Is the Functional Medicine approach the right choice for me?

Dr. Hamilton specializes in the treatment of complex and recurring health challenges. Often patients tell her that they are on her door step because they have run out of treatment options . She frequently consults with patients who want to reduce or eliminate their need for medications that have either stopped working or are producing unwanted side effects.
Common conditions managed by Functional Medicine:

    • Digestive Disorders
    • Hormonal Imbalances
    • Migraine Headaches
    • Fatigue
    • Food Allergies and Sensitivities
    • ADD/ADHD
    • Sleep Disturbances or Insomnia
    • Skin Conditions
    • Mood Disturbances
    • Autoimmune Diseases
    • Chronic Illnesses and Allergies


    • Improve Energy and restore a healthy stress response
    • Enhance Mood, Improve Motivation, Mental Clarity and Focus
    • Normalized Blood Pressure, Reduce Elevated Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels
    • Boost Metabolism, Reduce food cravings and Improve Body Composition
    • Restore proper Sleep-Wake Cycle
    • Reduce Joint aches and discomfort
    • Reduce or eliminate the need for medications

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Available Testing and Analysis

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    Food Sensitivity Testing:

    Assessing immediate and delayed antibody response to commonly ingested foods is a valuable indicator of potential intestinal inflammation. This hypersensitivity reaction can contibute to a ‘leaky –gut’, which is often implicated in triggering or perpetuating symptoms.

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    Gastrointestinal Function:

    Inclusive of advanced DNA stool analysis of gut ecology including beneficial microbial flora and harmful yeast, parasites and bacteria.

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    Allergy Testing:

    Weed, tree, grass, mold, dust and animal allergy analysis provides useful in the management of health conditions such as asthma, seasonal allergies and chronic sinusitis.

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    Neurotransmitter Profile:

    By measuring biomarkers such as dopamine, serotonin and glutamate, a personalized snapshot into the body’s nervous and immune system exposes physiologic imbalances that often underlie complex and recurring conditions.

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    Adrenal Function:

    Chronic stress from modern day lifestyles keeps the body in a state of perceived fight-or-flight wearing down our innate physical or emotional response system. Monitoring the rhythmic cycle of the stress hormone cortisol provides a window into the body’s current stress response status and tracks progress of intervention.

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    Hormonal Assay:

    Endocrine imbalances have a profound effect on mood, sleep and mental clarity.

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    Heart Health Profile:

    Advanced comprehensive risk assessment of lipid particles, inflammatory status and genetics. Heart disease, stroke and diabetes are largely avoidable through early detection and proper treatment.

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    Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Analysis:

    Interpretation of lab values based on functionality

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    Metal Toxicity:

    A toxic load of elements such as mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic are of significant environmental health concern. Accumulation of these substances is capable of rendering considerable damage to the brain and nervous system particularly in children.

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    Organic Acids Profile:

    An in-depth look at the unique biochemistry associated with metabolic, processes, nutritional deficiencies and detoxification demands

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    Genetic Testing:

    Information gleaned from genetic markers aids in creating highly personalized therapeutic protocols in patients with a range of difficult to treat conditions including depression, bipolar, anxiety disorders, OCD and ADD/ADHD.

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    Mold Testing:

    Mycotoxins are small, toxic molecules produced by a number of toxigenic mold strains found in water damaged homes or buildings. They are extremely hazardous and can cause cellular damage associated with a wide variety of clinical symptoms and diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon submission of the completed Health History Questionnaire, a non-refundable review fee of $175 is due. Initial follow-up consultation and subsequent appointments are time based at $75 per 20 minutes. Lab testing review and interpretation is $55 per 20 minutes. In depth phone and email correspondence are charged at $75 per 20 minutes.
The fees for Dr. Hamilton are a non-covered service by insurance companies. Health Spending Accounts (HSA) can be used to cover these fees in addition to laboratory and recommended supplement costs.
Appointments can be done in person, over the phone or internet.

“All diseases begin in the gut”.
Mom was right… you ARE what you eat

~ Hippocrates 3rd Century BC.

Success Stories

I had been chiropractic patient of Dr. Hamilton when she introduced me to her functional medicine work. I was interested in reducing the number of prescription medications I was on at the time. Included were blood pressure, cholesterol, anti-depressants and sleeping aids. Based on science based testing, Dr. Hamilton implemented tailored supplements plus diet changes and we worked together to devise a feasible exercise plan. After 8 months of these combined approaches I was cleared by my primary care physician to cease all prescriptions. I am a very happy camper to say the least!

James| CA

I cannot thank you enough for helping me change my life! You inspired me so much that I have started studies in the field of Integrative Nutrition with the goal of helping others who struggle with digestive issues.

Frances | San Francisco, CA